Dick Turpins Grave

After spending a lovely day with the rest of our class on their day trip, we joined back with our friends from Roughwood to visit Dick Turpins grave.

2 thoughts on “Dick Turpins Grave

  1. Hiya Amelia, that’s a big grave for Dick Turpin, looks like his horse Black Bess is buried there with him as well lol, what do you think? Love Gran & Grandad xxxx


  2. Wow what a huge grave for 1 person! Hope he wasn’t that big or he would have squashed the horses that he stole! Hope you have enjoyed today Kailyn i am very jealous and wish i could have come along. It looks my kind of day, enjoy your tea and please brush your hair and tie it up it looks all knotty 😉
    Love ya loads Mum xx


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